15th Annual Rock River Valley Carvers Show & Sale.


Show Chairperson(s):

Chairperson's name Brad Crandall

Phone : Brad # (608) 931-0188

E-mail Address  - Brad - bwkicrandall@gmail.com

He is looking for volunteers to help out at the Annual Show & Sale  in September. Please call him today and make the load a little lighter. Do it TODAY!

Show & Sale Information:

Also, just a friendly reminder to send in your registration forms for tables at our show on Sept. 26th 2020. We want to be sure we have as many exhibitors as possible to show the general public all the various types of carvings we do and put on a great show again to keep them coming back! If you have any questions about the show, please contact Brad Crandall

Registered 2020 Carving Show Commercial Exhibitors:

County Line Products         Hummel Carving Tools       Jeff's Coffee Bar

Ernie Tucker will be the 2020 Show & Sale Featured Carver.

 Ernie Tucker is the 2020 Show & Sale Featured Carver. Ernie Tucker has been a member of our carving group for over 15 years.  He is always willing to help out his fellow carvers, whether they have just started carving or are experienced carvers stuck on a problem.  He can usually suggest more than one solution and help the carver determine the best course of action for him or her.  Ernie helps other carvers see future possibilities in their work.  Ernie has helped many Boy Scouts obtain their carving Merit Badge by teaching both safe carving techniques and basic skills.  He has taught numerous carving classes for our club through the years and conducted demonstrations at our annual shows.  He was a fixture at Janesville’s Farmers’ Markets for many years.  Ernie tirelessly helps promote our club and show each year at Beckman Mill, Tallman Art Festival, Thresheree, and Maple Sugar Fest.  With his great sense of humor, he’s always welcome at our gatherings.