15th Annual Rock River Valley Carvers Show & Sale.


Show Chairperson(s):

Chairperson's name Brad Crandall

Phone : Brad # (608) 931-0188

E-mail Address  - Brad - bwkicrandall@gmail.com

He is looking for volunteers to help out at the Annual Show & Sale  in September. Please call him today and make the load a little lighter. Do it TODAY!

Show & Sale Information:

Also, just a friendly reminder to send in your registration forms for tables at our show on Sept. ?? 2020. We want to be sure we have as many exhibitors as possible to show the general public all the various types of carvings we do and put on a great show again to keep them coming back! If you have any questions about the show, please contact Reggie & Brad.

Registered 2020 Carving Show Commercial Exhibitors:

County Line Products         Hummel Carving Tools       Jeff's Coffee Bar

Rosie Kautz will be the 2019 Show & Sale Featured Carver.

 Rosie Kautz is the 2019 Show & Sale Featured Carver. She has been a carver/woodburner for  six years. Rosie is a member of the Rock River Valley Carvers Club and is the Treasurer & Newsletter Editor.  She has learned a lot from talented instructors like Sharon Bechtold, Fred & Elaine Stenman, Greg Wirtz, and the many talented members of our club. You learn something from every class you take. Members of our club in Rock County and others throughout the state are some of the friendliest people and always willing to help you solve a problem while carving or wood burning.